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Okou (descent お香)Okou is made by decent from trees and plants. It is divided into three kinds.


First kind…it uses fire. e.g. Sen-kou (線香).

Second kind… it needs to heat up. e.g. Kou-boku (香木).

Third kind… it uses in normal temperature. e.g. Zukou (塗香).



Zukou (塗香)… It is the oldest kinds of Okou, which is used in India for a long time.

It is made by grating descent powder. Mainly, many temples use Zukou before they do ritual or pray.

Of course, we can use Zukou for body powder. It helps to do relax, increase your concentration and keep good health.



Nioi Bukuro (the package of descent 匂い袋)…It is a package for decent. It is easy to carry everywhere. In the past, people carried it around to protect themselves from bad accidents. Nowadays, we put it in the drawers and keep inside good smells.


In the Heian Period, noble people loved using Nioi bukuro (it used to call Kou Bukuro 香袋). Not only women used it but also warrior men had it.


If you join my Okou event (It is held in Kodaiji temple, famous temple in Kyoto), you can choose your favorite descent and make Nioi Bukuro. Please join us and feel free to contact us!



I am a daughter of nun.
My mother uses Okou before doing ritual at the temple, so I was curious about it.
After that, I start learning the history, kinds and making descent about Okou.

Recently, I have taken a qualification of Okou in Kagawa prefecture.

Now, I start my project and encourage many people to know Okou. My project aims to make many people happy and smile!

There are many advantages of using Okou!

Okou helps you keep good health.
Okou makes you happy.

Okou makes you relaxing.

Let’s start happy Okou life together!


Please contact us whenever you are interested in Okou!

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